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Featured in the top section are our Tiny Homes on Wheels. Nearly all of our tiny homes are designed with convenience and comfort in mind as single-level homes. We do offer versions with sleeping lofts, but our central focus is design with seniors and young families in mind. For these two groups climbing ladders is a problem - an unnecessary problem.
The Cozy Cottage
  A compact but fully fleshed out tiny home with a full sized Murphy bed in the bedroom and a sofa bed that becomes a single bed. It has a full kitchen, a wet bath with ceramic tile floor, Red Oak hardwood flooring throughout, instant hot water, a widescreen TV and Dolby 5.1 surround sound entertainment center. A heat pump provides heat and cooling. This is a deluxe home that is turnkey, move-in ready!  
  The Lakesider

Model 1
  A larger home with expansive views, a roomy bathroom and a full kitchen. Sleeps 4 with the optional loft over the bathroom.  
  The Lakesider

Model 2
  A larger home with expansive views, a roomy bathroom and a full kitchen. Sleeps 5 with the optional loft over the bathroom and a sleeper sofa. It has a nice surprise: the wall covering the window wall folds down to become a nice built in deck!  
  The Batchelor Pad   Compact comfort for 1 or 2, towable by F-150. Complete with a full compact kitchen and a wet bath. It can have a single or full sized regular bed or a queen sized Murphy bed.  
  The Weekender   A Tri-level tiny home with the kitchen and living room on the bottom level, the bathroom on the second level, which is also the entry level, and a nice sleeping loft with a queen bed. Sleeps 4 with the sleeper sofa converted into a full sized bed.  
  The Quick Getaway   A basic 20 to 28 foot tiny home with finished kitchen and bathroom. It comes with an instant water heater, wiring, plumbing and sewer completed. Walls, floor and ceiling will be finished in your choices or left for do-it-yourselfers. The hard part is done. You complete all or part of the rest to keep the price low. We can finish it completely as well.  

Featured below for your consideration are our mobile work solutions and our mobile classrooms. The tongue of the trailer for the mobile classrooms is on the blackboard end of the trailer. For all other models the tongue on the bathroom end of the trailer.
  The Mobile Office

20 ft. 2 office + work center

20 ft. 3 office

26 ft 3 office + work center

26 ft 4 office
  Insulated, with sound reduction technologies, the Mobile Office has 2 or 3 office cubicles and a work center, or 3 or 4 cubicles and no work center

The Mobile Office has a conference table and a large bench seat by the door. It has a half bath with a quality commode and bath sink. Available as an option is an instant water heater with propane fuel supply.

All versions have a good sized storage cabinet. Work center versions have a large amount of storage under the top of the work center.
  The Mobile Work Center

20 ft Work Center

28 ft Work Center
  This is a basic, no-frills work space suitable for almost any kind of work. It is fully insulated and includes sound reduction technologies. It has a half bath with an option to add an instant water heater and fuel supply. All walls have work benches with work space for up to a dozen people.  
  Mobile Classroom

20 ft. 18 seat

28 ft. 30 seat
  Running out of classroom space? We have the answer to your needs! Here are two mobile classrooms for your inspection. Model 1 is 20 feet long and can accomodate 18 students. The 28 foot Model 2 can seat 30 people.  

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