Front Oblique View showing plentiful windows and the utility storage locker.

Note the dual heavy duty axles.

Unseen is the electonic braking system built into the trailer. This fully built out and furnished tiny home tips the scale at a bit over 10 tons. That needs a F-350 to haul it, and few try. There are businesses that specialize in delivery --> and setup, the majic word, the home. Setup includes site preparation. You need a pier or jack at all 4 corners, and the jacks have to rest on something solid.

Full Frontal View

The Living Room - a bit dark but you get the idea.

In this picture you can see the interior half of the heat pump over the picture window. The remote is n it's holster by the door. You can control temperature, airflow and air circulation pattern with the remote. Pioneer Inverter high efficiency heat pump.

The Blu-Ray surround sound home theater system is on the small shelves by the door.

Barely noticeable is the dining table in the folded down position.

The sleeper love seat is on the right under the window.

Notice the nice High-Def TV locked in the stowed position against the ceiling. This position is for watching TV from the love seat sofa bed. It comes down in front of the door for normal seated viewing. It is mounted on a custom engineered stainless steel articulated mount that can handle up to 50 inch TVs. Actually, you have SPACE for a 50 inch TV... It isn't the mount that's limited. Hey, it IS a tiny home. With the physics of a tiny home, this is a pretty huge screen and it is, ahem... not eight feet from your eyeballs, so it is wall to wall pretty much.

Living Room with dining table in the up position ready for use and the Sleeper Sofa opened for lounging. There is a captain's c hair between the table and the sofa bed leaving room for walking around the end of the sofa bed. It is not as close as it looks in the picture.

Living Room ceiling and ceiling fan/light

A NICE Kitchen!

An optional microwave oven can go above the cooktop, which is above the refrigerator.

The walls and ceiling are tongue and groove, nicely finished, each with a different finish. The bar separatng the kitc hed from the love seat is there as a protective measure to keep those on the sofa from being splattered by hot cooking materials.

Kitchen detail showing refrigerator and cabinets.

Kitchen counter with 3 burner stovetop and sink.

Kitchen detail showing storage loft. There is a loft on the other side of the partition in bedroom as well.

Built-in fold-down Dining Table in position for use

In the picture next to the door are one of the surround sound speakers and the remote control for the heating/cooling system.

Dining table stowed when not in use

The Bathroom and Jacuzzi commode showing the ceramic tiled floor.

Big picture window and lots of double hung windows bring the outdoors indoors!

Bedroom showing the Murphy bed opened, with a great view!

Murphy Bed, closed, showing the storage by the bed for hanging clothes and folded clothes.

Murphy Bed, opened. A perfect fit!

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