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We build quality Tiny Homes on Wheels,

like the ones you see on TV.

Our homes are Proudly Made In America.

We use raw materials from right here in Watauga County, NC. All work is done by local craftsmen. Manufactured items come from major brands like Jacuzzi, Andersen, Coleman, and Delta - names you know and trust. We offer a variety of floor plans and styles with a wide range of options. We do custom design.

Our homes are turnkey - move-in ready, with a Murphy bed, sleeper sofa, widescreen High Def TV and Dolby 5.1 surround sound home theater system, all appliances, two fold-down tables, bathroom, heat pump and instant water heat. All you need to add are tableware and... YOU!

Feel free to contact us any time!

The home is actually level... It's the mountain that's not level!

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        I tell you what, when I started out I didn't have much more space than this myself. Of course back then nobody gave a hoot what you built in these hills so we aggrandized it a bunch over the years. If I'd a had something like THIS I'd a been in high cotton! Yes, sir, this is so nice... It's got everything I didn't have way back. Then again, back then nobody had TV, nobody had a phone, and few had indoor plumbing! The world was black and white - schools, homes, everything. No color.

This home has it all. Great views from MANY windows, comfort, convenience and even mobility! The use of textures and color brings out the beauty and fine craftsmanship puts the bow on the box.

Cars were few and far between back when and when a car came by we had to get up and go to the window to see who or what was up. There's no "the window" here! There are windows just about anywhere you'd want one. You don't have to get up and hunt one! Sure enough, you have panoramic views from the entire home - except the bathroom, I guess.

One of the beauties of owning a tiny home is the property tax advantage... Any homeowner will appreciate that for sure.

Sure enough I'd a given my eyeteeth to have something like this when I was getting started out in life. Come to think of it, I don't mind having one handy for when I decide time and miles on me lead me to have a smaller life myself! I've got everything, by gum! And that begins to be a problem. I've got things stored in 6 buildings now, and it is getting complicated.

That's why I got started building tiny homes... It wasn't hard to see that I was becoming OWNED by what I thought I owned! Bout time to start simplifying life, know what I mean, Vern? With a home like this you can't have a lot of baggage and that in itself simplifies life! There's a wise man said once that the only truly free man is the man who has nothing. Now, I won't ever go THAT far, but I've for the past few been starting to let things go. Yeah, I'm a unrepentant pack rat. That doesn't go well with tiny living!

Then again, I hate to think how many man-years I've wasted poking through my "stuff" looking for just the right thing...

Cheers, Yall, and come see us! We'd love to have you come by!

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