Frequently Asked Questions

Will my F150 haul a Tiny Home?

Nope. You'll need something more hefty to pull the load, which for a 20 foot home is a bit over 10 tons. The exception to this rule is the Bachelor Pad. Due to its small size it CAN be towed by a F-150 class truck.

Are these homes road legal?

Yes. They meet all national legal requirements. They are 8 feet 6 inches wide and less than 13 feet 6 inches tall.

This has a heat pump, right?

Yes, a Pioneer Inverter high efficiency heat pump. It has a remote control with a bunch of functions.

I hear heat pumps don't work under a certain temperature.

That's true. At 40 degrees the heat pump starts to labor to keep up. At 35 and below the heat pump is a waste of time. Me? My answer is simple. A bathroom type space heater set on medium (900 watts) is more than adequate. A note to the wise: any time you're using the heat pump you are saving money! A heat pump is much more efficient than a traditional resistive heater. At 900 watts the resitive heater costs as dime an hour to run while the heat pump only costs about 2 cents an hour. Big difference.

Is there any storage space on this thing?

Actually, yes. There are two large storage lofts over the bathroom. One opens into the bedroom, the other opens into the kitchen. There is a little space on the two shelves by the door. There is space for hanging and folded clothes beside the Murphy bed, and there is a fair amount of space on top of the Murphy bed frame. There is similar storage space on top of the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets are rather roomy. There is a large unused space under the kitchen sink. Finally, the utility cabinet outside over the trailer's tongue provides lockable exterior storage space.

Do you sell anything besides completed tiny homes?

We can bring any tiny home to the level of completion you desire. Give me a call and we can talk about options.

Still under construction... Come back later for more!

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